Create a mobile application adapted to your company, which is customisable and available on the App and Google Play Store. 

The mobile app for residents, their families and staff

Fully customisable mobile app.

Residents and their families can keep up to date with activities, menus or look at photos and videos. As well as have access to all the information and services they might need. 

Application Security

Users can access the application with a login and password.



Group Communication

With a single software application you can create and update your different media: kiosk, screen, lectern and mobile application.

Application Features

Create different news feeds to share activities, menus, inform about events, etc. The news feeds can then be shared on social networks and websites.

Dance class in the activities room on 12 April at 11:15. Possibility to attend remotely via the internal TV channel.

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Send notifications to family and friends of important events (events, outings). Also alert families to cases of flu among residents.

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Add forms for appointment scheduling, a suggestion box or to report any information. This allows residents and families to give feedback to the facility.

Promote Communication

Encourages communication between the facility and families thanks to its various functions.

Available on the App and google Play Store

Available to download onto all platforms, with your name and logo.

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