Residential Care Homes for Seniors

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve done it! A2Display brings you a complete solution which is accessible even without prior computing skills.

Discover our DynamicSilver solution

Bring well-being and comfort to our elderly living in care homes, by maintaining social contact between the residents and their families, the care staff and the outside world.

With our Interactive terminals and lecterns, and simple dynamic screens, you’ll be connected everywhere, and able to communicate, inform, entertain and provide animations at any time via our « DynamicSilver »  solution (simple, efficient and delivering time savings for a reduced administrative load on your staff).



They have continuous access to all kinds of information and can consult menus, news, programmed events, photos/videos of outings or parties, whenever they wish. What’s more, with our mobile display they can listen to music or join in karaoke sessions and games.



Thanks to a QR Code and its link to the mobile Application, residents’ families can use their smartphones to access the Residence’s display pages at will, keeping up to date with their loved ones’ daily lives. They can also request the transfer of photos by email.

It’s even possible to organise a Video-conference with their family member in the Residence.



Thanks to digitalised information, they can access internal communication documents such as Timetables, planned activities and visits, etc. A DigitalCode security function is available to protect confidential information, with access to a displayed Category for staff members only.

The A2Display software application

Encourages meeting and sharing between care workers, residents/patients & their families.
Helps improve the quality of life of everyone concerned.
Plays a role in establishing a serene, healthy living environment.
For easy, dynamic communication which corresponds to your establishment.

The different display devices : each to its own use

Interactive (touch screen) Terminal and Lectern / Pedestal display

They provide useful functions to satisfy the staff of your establishment, giving them secure access to Internal communication via a DigitalCode virtual keypad. The Tactile/ touch display also allows visiting family members to access and view all manner of information and photos about Residential life, with the 360° Virtual Visit showing the building’s interior. This Interactivity provides a stimulating recreational tool for residents, encouraging awareness of their world, and of the outside world, thus helping to improve their autonomy.

Non-tactile displays

Ils diffusent des alertes, des actualités, ils renseignent également les visiteurs et peuvent afficher des informations de toute nature.

Smartphone and Tablet

By their very portable nature, they help maintain social contact between residents and their loved ones, through their ability to display the same interactive screen as the Residence’s Touch-screen terminal or lectern, via a QR-code link to the display’s web application address.

Wall-mounted Touch Screens

Possessing the same functions as the above they’re often used as a dedicated interactive screen for personnel only. Staff scan the screen’s QR code to display the same screen on their smartphone, accessing timetables, visits, alerts, etc, at any time and from any place.

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