The mobile application A2Mairie

Discover our new A2DisplayCouncil service, which allows you to request & generate as many customised Applications as you wish for your council or Local Authority. Create your application with your own public in mind.

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A2Mairie application generator, for more attractive and responsible communication.

Create without limit and customize your mobile application to the infinite.


Change the colors and shapes to match your corporate identity.

Keep in touch with your citizens even outside your establishment.
For a more modern, responsible and ecological communication.


An easy to use software that allows complete autonomy
on the modification of the visual, the addition and the edition of contents.


Define the services and information that make up your mobile application.
Quick and easy editing, changes are made instantly.

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The mobile application promotes the exchange between the citizen and his community.


The mobile application provides all useful information for citizens.


The mobile application alerts and informs quickly.

The editor's features

Enter the Smart City!
A single software for all your digital communication.
Bollards, screens, led panels, mobile applications, update all your displays in a few clicks.

News feed

Create and feed the news feed of your town. Share events, completed or upcoming works, inform about possible power cuts, etc…You can also share these news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website etc.


The community can ask their opinions to the citizens with the realization of various surveys.
Promote your territory and highlight your tourist sites.

Notifications & Alerts​

Notify your citizens when there are works or important news. This will keep them informed and include them in the life of the municipality.


Ask the citizens to inform you very quickly and simply about the problems encountered in the commune. They can even attach photos and indicate their GPS position.

Discover also all the other features of the software.



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