The mobile Application A2Silver

Create a mobile application to suit your establishment and make it available on download platforms Apple App Store and Google Play.

A mobile application for family and Staff.

An application which is totally personalisable.

Thanks to this application, families can keep abreast of activities, events and menus, or even see the photos and watch videos showing life in your establishment; they can access all of the information and services provided for them via your Interactive screens.


Access to the mobile application is limited and protected by a special identity number, so that only authorised people can gain access to all of the media and information about the establishment and residents.




A single programme to create and update your different screens on your display devices: interactive display terminal, screen, lectern screen and mobile (smartphone, tablet).

FUNCTIONS provided by the Application

Create different news feeds to share information about activities, menus, events, etc… which can also be shared on social media sites and your own web site:

Dance Lessons in the Common Room on April 12th at 11:15am.

You can watch us on your screen via the residence’s own TV channel.

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Send notifications to residents’ families informing them of important news (events, day trips, etc). Send alerts to families if there’s an outbreak of illnesses such as flu.

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Add Forms for Appointment requests, an Ideas Box, or to report any information whatsoever. In this way, residents can have a voice in the establishment.

Encourage Contact

Our Mobile application encourages contact between the establishment and families thanks to its many different functions.

Available on APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY

Our Mobile application is available on the above download platforms (name + logo).


An Innovative French company

Specialists in Dynamic Content Display on all types of screen, A2Display’s priority is to enable each client- based on their resources (technical or financial)- to have access to an innovative, thoroughly-researched and developed solution for their communication needs.

A solution developed in France, well established in France but fully adapted for an International market and an international future.

Our solution is truly dedicated to this mission, offering an affordable, key-in-hand service which is accessible to all from both a financial and technical viewpoint!


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