The A2School mobile Application

Digitised communication for pupils/students and their families.

The mobile Application for students & families


You’ll integrate and find everything you need to know about school services, useful information for parents, timetables, events and photos. 

An application which encourages contact and exchange between the establishment, teachers and lecturers, students and their families, thanks its many functions.
Enhance your education establishment’s public image, by highlighting its identity, provided services and events.
A totally-personalisable interactive home-screen, downloadable from App Store and Google Play, with your own name & logo.


Take advantage of your screen to display hidden internal communications to staff only thanks to the security provided by a special DigitalCode function.


Unite and rationalise all of your communication output, by using a single software application for all your displays. 

 Show your displays in the mobile Application for a total, global, information picture.


Create Forms to enable students and families to inform the establishment’s administration -quickly and easily- of problems that may occur, or other important information; they can even include photos and their GPS position. By using this function, your establishment can also ask the opinions of the many different actors involved in or affected by decision-making (administration, teachers/lecturers, students, families, etc), and even provide an “Ideas Box” function.


Contact & notify students and their families in the event of absences, important events, etc. Notifications can also alert people to imminent or urgent situations.


You can easily share schedules, menus, news of staff absences, etc, via the News Feed function, which allows you to communicate in an organised and efficient way. These news items can also be broadcast on your education establishment’s Internet site or on Social Media platforms.


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