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You’ve asked for it, and we’ve done it! A2Display brings you a complete solution which is accessible even without prior computing skills.


Display of Legal Documents

In France, for example, since August 2015, fixed and interactive screens can be used to display important legal documents and general information for public viewing in or outside Local Authority buildings.

The Dynamic display of content brings considerable time savings in terms of creation, editing and publication. For a Local Authority it enables access to, and viewing of, legal documents and public information at any time of the day or night, thus satisfying an individual’s need for specific information even outside opening hours.

The law requires that legal information be visible and accessible to the public at all times; thanks to our Interactive terminals and Totems, this is now not only possible, but easy to establish and manage. A2Display helps you respect your legal obligations.

A2Display operates in accordance with the Protection Of Digital Information Acts (RGPD).

The Software

A constantly-evolving programme, or Application, which helps you become an innovative and dynamic town equipped for the rapidly-changing and multi-connected modern world.
Dynamic City is a multi-platform display solution which enables authorities to manage displayed content and communication in an easy and attractive way, all the while conforming to legal requirements.

Integrate and manage all of your digital communication needs with a single tool supporting both normal and touch screens.
A2Display provides you with total freedom in editing your displays, with easy access to a large palette of functions.

Display Hardware

To respond to the needs of each establishment or Local Authority and Public service, A2Display can provide a wide range of display devices:

Interactive terminal or Interactive totem (both indoor and anti-vandal for outdoors) , interactive lectern/pedestal, screen box, LED panel, or simple screens of any size… Whatever your needs, A2Display will always propose the solution best suited to your requirements and environment.

Communicate with your Public

Information is becoming more accessible, instantaneous but also more two-way:  the individual will become a true actor in the administrative and day-to-day life of his area.

The objective for towns, cities and regions must therefore be to embrace and facilitate this major societal, political and environmental revolution. Adopt the Dynamic City solution today to digitalise the relationship between Public Institutions and the wider public.

Dynamic City helps you enter this new era well-equipped and ahead of the game.

Dynamic City

The Dynamic City software application

User Management

Involve your users by giving them pre-defined roles and authorised access to certain categories and displays.


This function automatically lowers the on-screen display to allow a Person with Reduced Mobility, such as a person in a wheelchair, to have full access to the displayed content.

For more information, please consult our Local Authorities information sheet.

These Local Authorities have placed their trust in us

The « Dynamic City » Mobile Application

The 100% Web-based application Dynamic City, developed by A2Display : created for your Authority and for your public.

Enjoy the advantages provided by our easy-to-use and customisable mobile web Application.

 Creation or editing, everything can be done using the comprehensive Interface on our Dynamic City Application. There’s also no need for installation on each member of the public’s telephone:  they simply scan the QR code shown on the display terminal or displayed in the your offices to access all of the public services and helpful information you’ve incorporated into your display screen, simply by recording your Authority’s Web application Link address on their smartphones, tablets or PC/MAC.

For smaller Councils and Local Authorities

As the Dynamic City solution is modular, it can be easily adapted to the size of your authority. If you don’t feel the need for the installation of an Interactive terminal, totem or lectern/pedestal, or a LED panel, A2Display can propose our application on tablets, and on non-touch dynamic information screens placed in strategic locations.

Innovative but also intuitive, A2Display’s solutions for Councils and Local Authorities open the doors to simple, efficient, modern and attractive communication with their public.


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