Internal TV Channel

What is it?

An Internal television channel available only in the building, and on the channel, of your choice.

For what purpose?

The creation and establishment of an internal television allows establishments to dispose of their very own channel on your Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) box.

Instead of simply displaying information on a screen, it’s also possible to broadcast your content onto all of your organisation’s television sets if they’re connected to and fed by a DTT box and circuit. There’s no need for a Box behind each screen, as just a single module is required for the whole network.

An Internal television channel enables the real-time broadcasting of your prepared display content. Communicate with your residents and inform them about proposed activities, canteen menus, events and birthdays, etc, by broadcasting directly on your -and their -screens.

This is a real bonus for your bed-ridden residents with televisions in their bedroom, as they can now take part in Residential life and activities, even if only remotely.

Who’s it for ?

Residential Care Homes for Seniors: global and coherent communication for all the people concerned (personnel, families, residents, visitors).

Residences for Semi-/autonomous Seniors: allows residents to access information from the comfort and privacy of their lodgings.


écran chaine TV interne