Health Establishments

Innovate by modernising your communication with your care workers and patients thanks to  your personally-designed displays.

Dynamic Displays by A2Display


Allow hospitals to inform the public in an efficient and attention-grabbing way. People can obtain important forms or information via a QR code or email.
It’s possible to broadcast or display promotional or health-advice videos and information on the screens to inform and distract both patients and waiting visitors.


Health establishments can communicate clearly and efficiently with campaigns for health tests and blood donations, and for all the new sanitary measures and guidance. Our displays also enable the promotion of new treatments, products and services.


Our Dynamic display solution enables you to accompany and inform patients: orientation towards the right departments; reduction of waiting times; displaying of important messages, etc. It encourages contact and interaction between health workers, patients and their visitors.


Your establishment can create multilingual screen displays for foreign patients and visitors.

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