Hardware-Display devices

On the following pages you’ll find clear and detailed information about the range of Dynamic display material, either normal or interactive, indoor or outdoor, which can be supplied and installed by A2Display.

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A2Display’s Display Material


All of our outdoor devices, without exception, are designed to resist even very bad weather.

Outdoor displays use a sealed, IP65-certified steel cabinet which keeps the screen itself protected from dust and inclement climatic conditions.


The RAL paint code of outdoor equipment can be changed to match the colour scheme of its surroundings, or that of your establishment.


The screen’s brightness is automatically adjusted to suit ambient light conditions, to give optimal visibility and user comfort.


To this same end, the screens are treated with an anti-reflection coating to help minimise the effect on visibility of reflections from the sun and artificial lighting falling on the screen.

All outdoor equipment is equipped with robust air conditioning to regulate the internal temperature during hot days, and to avoid any misting from condensation.


To address any problems of security and durability, outdoor equipment is built to be anti-vandal: it’s equipped with strengthened security glass, has a sturdy reinforced steel cabinet, and the controls and electronics are hidden and locked out of reach of the public.


The display devices supplied by A2Display are all connected to the Internet, via high-speed RJ45 cable, the latest wi-fi standard, or your 3G/4G network.


All of our Interactive display devices provide the PRM (reduced-mobility) facility, thus allowing unhindered access to all members of the public, even wheelchair users.

Tactile Indoor screens

Indoor material


The Indoor Interactive display terminal is delivered on a lockable, wheeled base. It’s most often used in Residential Care Homes for Seniors as its mobility means it’s ideal for group activities and information display. The PRM (reduced-mobility) facility built into A2Display’s software application renders the display accessible to everyone.


This tactile screen isn’t mobile but either wall- or floor-mounted: it takes up little space and is most often placed in a strategic location depending on its destined use. It can be used for simply displaying accessible legal documents and information for residents and visitors, but also (or even at the same time, via DigitalCode access to reserved screen pages) as a dedicated staff screen for care personnel.


A put-anywhere lectern screen also ideal for its inherent suitablity for usage by Persons of Reduced Mobility (PRM), with no need for a special display mode.
Its pedestal-mounted touch-screen is inclinable and several sizes are available to match your specific requirements and planned uses. This type of Tactile indoor display is used in many areas: company lobbies; tourist offices; Council & Health reception areas; Job Centres, etc.

Non-tactile Indoor screens

Indoor material

This type of display has the advantage of self-adjusting brightness which allows a high degree of visibility even in bright ambient light. Often used outside by town councils or shopping centres, etc, it can also display information inside buildings, where the pitch of the LEDs (the distance between LEDs) is finer: a finer pitch means higher density which means higher resolution- essential for closer, indoor viewing (like a large TV). The size and shape of a LED screen can be adapted at need, if requirements evolve, by adding extra LED modules or blocks.


This classic device can already be found in all areas of activity. It allows you to broadcast alerts, news items, slideshows, videos and also more mundane but useful information for the watching public. It’s offered in different sizes to suit its destined use and location.


This type of multi-screen installation enables you to display a large quantity of information, and this at a greater distance than usual due to its very size. Ideal for hospitals, shopping centres, company lobbies, public and sports venues, etc: in shopping areas, shoppers outside the immediate vicinity can see publicity content clearly; in a Council or Health establishment, one can clearly display a plan of the building and different services, together with simultaneous news, alerts and videos. All this on a quality display, skilfully mounted on robust hardware and/or blended into the existing wall structure and decoration.

Outdoor tactile screens

Outdoor Material


This device has the same functional capability and use as the interactive Totem, its only difference being size and design. A Screen box can be securely fixed (and locked) to a wall, railings, or to the floor on a robust base, either in Portrait or Landscape format. A2Display can supply two different designs to better satisfy the specific operating environment and the client’s taste.

It’s our flagship product, destined for use by Local Authorities (and other important Institutions): a Display device that provides members of the public with access to important information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s used to share and display news events, alerts, tourist information and legal notices. Thanks to its 24-hour functioning, it allows everyone to have day-and-night access to important documents and information, which can then be sent and received via both email and QR code.

A2Display offers two different designs depending on the environment for which it is intended and the taste of the client.

Outdoor non-tactile screens

Outdoor Material


The advantage of a LED panel is its modular and evolvable nature. The client can choose the number and size of the panels. Different pitches are available to adapt the display to the viewing distance of the public to ensure optimum clarity and display capability. To this end, A2Display can supply different pitch sizes (p2.5, p4 and p6). If the LED screens are for indoor use in a building, a finer pitch will be necessary.

It can be single- or double-sided depending on its location. It’s often placed where footfall and visibility is the greatest to ensure maximum impact when displaying alerts and other urgent information.


Enjoying the same construction quality and design as the Tactile version, this dynamic version is used to display pre-programmed sequences of documents, information, posters, town and tourist maps, slideshows and videos, without the interactive touch-screen capability of the former.

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