A single programme for all your displays

A2Display brings you a single application for all your digital display-based communication needs, whether via smartphone, tablet, monitor, touch-screen display or LED panel.

Dynamic and Interactive solutions

Discover our range of digital solutions, customised to satisfy the requirements of various administrative and professional environments.

Why choose A2Display ?


We offer a complete, full-function solution which evolves continuously.

You can design fully-personalised displays, which can even incorporate your establishment’s official colour scheme and graphics.

Remote Screen Management

Available 24 hrs-a-day, 7 days-a-week . Access and modify your screens, wherever you are in the world, via a multilingual interface. All types of screens are handled, whether touch-screen or not: outdoor or indoor; totem or terminal; TV monitor; LED panel; smartphone; tablet; pedestal/lectern, etc.


We offer a wide range of dedicated solutions, supplied with or without hardware. New functions are constantly under development, evolving for you with your feedback and requests in mind, and are seamlessly added to the application’s interface.


We adapt our solution to the requirements of your specific professional environment:
Local Authorities

Old-Age and Senior Care Homes

Education and Training

Health Establishments

Ready-to-Use Software

Il est facile d'utilisation et évolutif, ainsi pas de compétences techniques requises. Vous êtes complètement autonomes.


De nouvelles fonctionnalités sont régulièrement ajoutées au logiciel puisqu'il évolue avec vous. Des offres variées, avec ou sans matériel.

Décliné en solutions métier

pour être au plus proche de votre activité :
Etablissements pour personnes âgées
Enseignement et Formation
Collectivité locales

Logiciel prêt à l'emploi

facile d'utilisation, évolutif, pas de compétences techniques requises. Vous êtes complètement autonomes.

A single Application for all of your communication output:

More targeted

Elements with programmable planning to enable publication of the right message, at the right time.


Exploit already-installed screens

A ready-to-use SAAS (software-only) offer for your existing display hardware, with no installation needed.


Quicker reaction

You can access and modify your displays in real-time.


More economical

You can multiply the amount and type of information displayed on your screens: as much as you wish, on all types of screen (touch-screen or not, outdoor or indoor) – at no extra cost.


More ecological

Thanks to savings on paper and energy through the use of low-power-consumption displays. You can also programme intelligent sleep and standby modes.


More relevant

The intelligent, targeted and attractive use of dynamic messages and displayed content effectively- drastically- modernises your communication.


Ask for a Remote demonstration.

We’ll ask only 30 minutes of your time to convince you!


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