Academic and Training Centres

Dynamic displays in Schools, Colleges, Vocational training centres and Universities are a real boon for optimised and versatile communication.

Transmit Information in a quick, easy and original way.

Share information about events and news, publish staff planning timetables and alert & modify in real-time in case of absent staff.

Our Tactile screens also enable you to guide visitors around the establishment thanks to the 360° Virtual Visit.

Provide real-time access to your Social Media networks to keep all concerned parties informed.

Display a menu, the local weather direct from the Met Office, and Campus news via photos / videos / slideshows.


Encourage appointment-making via the use of Forms.
Organise tutorials, group meetings, etc, with an enrolment via Forms.


Propose Internships, work placements and study & work courses by posting the information in real-time on the Application, to be displayed when desired. Inform pupils and teachers on the time and dates of future Parent’s Evenings or Class Councils. Allow the Pupil or Student body to publish their photos and news about planned events.

Ask for a Remote Demonstration.

We’ll ask only 30 minutes of your time to convince you!


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